About what?

Who am I?

Welcome to my life. I'm Jorge and this are my open thoughts.

I like to improve my life at every level. That's why I like books such as "Atomic Habits" by James Clear, which has given me the tools to build more robust and solid habits. I like the feeling of focus and uninterrupted work, and I was able to improve this thanks to “Deep Work” by Cal Newport. About productivity and tools to learn/study, I've been interested in podcasts such as The Colleague Info Geek by Thomas Frank. And You are Not so Smart by David McRaney for personal bias, fallacies and logical thinking.

I like to organise my life, remember events and study and learn new concepts. But most importantly be able to recall this information later on and use it in a productive way. That's why I use a bidirectional linking note-taking app such as Roam Research with the Zettelkasten Method. In order to organise my life and all the knowledge I acquire.

I value social interactions, and I like to take action. That's why, with the help of my partner, we created a group for Erasmus Students and Foreign people, here in Madrid, where we create events as a language and cultural exchange. We grew the group to 500 people.

One of my latest interests is around morality with books such as “Lying” by Sam Harris where it explains the dangers and negative outputs that Lying, even white lies, will have in your life

What is this blog about?

That's truly a good question, and once I've figure it out I will answer it. For now I'll just write about things that I consider interesting and that I'm passionate about...

But to give you a peak of what's to come, you can probably expect topics from productivity, fitness, rational thinking, career paths perhaps some programming... to "the hard problem of consciousness", morality, the concept of self... Maybe I'll even tell you what's the hardest thing in live... (cold showers in the morning).